Aircraft components cadmium
plated to specifications

Zinc electroplating for
corrosion protection

Bright Nickel chrome
provides the highest quality
mirror finish, shown here on
custom furniture designed
by world renowned
Arthur Erickson and
Francisco Kripacs

Gold plated fireplace doors
are coated to a mirror finish


Bright Nickel Chrome Plating

  • Most common of the decorative finishes
  • Combination of plating involving base coatings of nickel or copper and nickel, and a final outer layer of chrome
  • Applications: automotive parts, store fixtures, furniture, tools

Nickel Plating

  • One of the most commonly plated metals, nickel is often applied over copper and under chrome plating for decorative finishes
  • A hard, reflective surface, which provides resistance to wear and can be soldered
  • As nickel is not very ductile or cannot easily be stretched, parts should ideally be formed into their final shape before plating
  • Applications: automotive parts, furniture, fireplace frames and doors

Gold Plating

  • Premium quality alternative to brass decorative finish as gold does not tarnish
  • The 24K gold solution is hardened with nickel content in a specially formulated bath
  • Applications: fireplace frames and doors, bathroom fixtures, exclusive furniture

Brass Plating

  • Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc
  • Commonly used for decorative purposes, a thin plating is applied over bright nickel or other plating. Heavier coatings can be buffed to a bright smooth finish
  • Applications: fireplace frames and doors, lighting fixtures, furniture

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