for plating volume small parts with zinc, or cadmium.

Aircraft propeller assembly reconditioned to specifications

Hard chrome, zinc, electroless nickel plating and hot-dip galvanizing used on Greater Vancouver Regional Skytrain



Copper Plating

  • Copper is one of the more common plated metals, although it is not often used as the outer layer because it tarnishes easily
  • Copper is highly conductive
  • Applications: printed circuit boards, steel wire, underplating

Antique Finishes

  • Simulates an aged finishing effect
  • Most popular finishes are antique brass, copper and simulated pewter
  • Applications: furniture, store fixtures, fireplace frames and doors

Zinc Plating

  • A soft and ductile corrosion protective finish, which unlike other plating types has the unique benefit of protecting parts even when there is damage such as small surface scratches, as the zinc will corrode before the base material
  • Applications: automotive parts, high-tech industry frames, hardware and fasteners for construction

Tin Plating

  • A ductile and solderable metal, tin is easy to plate, provides good metal coverage
  • Tin does not tarnish easily and is approved for food contact applications
  • Applications: industrial applications, food containers, electronic components

Specifications available on request

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