Galvanized conveyor system
frame for pulp and
paper industry

Small part loaded into centrifuge to remove excess zinc

Hot-dip galvanizing used for pre-fabricated steel building structures

Lighting poles for highways and municipalities




  • Most effective protection of steel against corrosion, as the steel substrate is metallurgically bonded to several layers of a zinc-iron alloy and an outer layer of zinc
  • Unlike paint finishes, if small areas of the galvanizing are accidentally damaged during handling, the zinc "sacrifices" itself by corroding slowly over decades and electrolytically protects the steel from rusting
  • Applications: construction, ship building, automotive, highway structures including guardrails, light poles and signs
  • Tank size: 42 ft. long x 4 ft. wide x 5.5 ft. deep
  • Weight range: Up to 20,000 lbs.

A poorly protected surface can be a big mistake...
so don't compromise...Galvanize!

Note: EMF hosts seminars for metal fabrication industries and specifiers interested in proper preparation of structures and weldments to conform to galvanizing requirements. Knowledge of these techniques provides the customers with the results in the product having the longest lifespan of corrosion protection, while ensuring safety and manufacturing efficiencies.

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