Salt spray testing chamber Laboratory technician tests solutions from
plating tanks to the routine maintenance schedule to verify that operating parameters are in compliance with EMF standards. This quality control ensures that plated coatings will meet with customer's specifications.
Pollution control system


EMF is proud to be recognized for the quality of its metal finishing and its ability to meet the highest requirements of industry. Our equipment is programmable, providing accuracy and consistency of material processing. Brighter chemicals are automatically controlled, so that the elements are dispensed precisely for uniform brightness. Spot checks are performed constantly throughout the systems to ensure reliability. Even the cleaning is handled carefully, involving three distinct processes to ensure consistent results.

Our Chemist and Laboratory
We are one of the few plating operations in the region with a full time, in-house chemist. This expertise and a complete laboratory allow us to strictly monitor quality and analyze plating chemistry. We offer salt spray testing to ASTM B117 for corrosion resistant applications. Quality control is integrated into every process to ensure that our finishes conform to CSA, ASTM and military standards and specifications where applicable.

Environmental Standards
Our plant is equipped with up-to-date pollution control systems and we invest in strategies which ensure effective waste management. At EMF we work hard to maintain a clean and safe environment for our employees and the surrounding community. Meeting regulations and standards is simply the starting point of this commitment.

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